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Turn Off Violence on TV

To: International Media and Television Networks

To the Governments of the World
To International Media and Television Networks
To all related Global International Institutions and NGO's
And to all conscientious people all over the world

We at IFLAC Pave Peace, together with all conscientious citizens in the world, are appalled and shocked at the recent growing amount of violence and crime on Television Networks.

The audio-visual media, mainly television and films, have a great influence on shaping societies. Unfortunately, their influence is often destructive and pernicious, and there is a dramatic global growth in the glorification of violence.

Recent research has shown that more than 90% of cable and satellite network broadcasts contain violence and crime. These studies have also revealed that close links exist between the increase of virtual and actual acts of violence in society. Therefore, society and public safety are at risk, and this issue needs to be urgently and effectively addressed by governments, by all involved institutions, by responsible organizations and NGO's and by all conscientious people in our global village.

One of these disturbing recent surveys has revealed that a child living in a western society would on average have watched more than 8000 murders and 100,000 acts of violence on television by the time he graduates from elementary school. Hence, this explains the increase of kids packing a gun or a knife when they go to school. Lawyers of more than 200,000 school children in the US, have pointed out in their defense to the negative and destructive influence of television on the criminal behaviour of their young clients.

People all over the world should inform and warn their TV Stations and Networks: "I will not watch your films of guts, guns and homicide blood anymore!" Rating is the only language that the profit grabbing networks understand, and "Rating" is in our hands. We will inform the networks that Homicide and Crime are not the most exciting or prevalent aspects of our lives. We will tell them that we will only watch exciting TV films that represent prevalent real life problems and situations, films that spread understanding,love, kindness and hope. Filmmakers and television directors MUST be made to rethink their role, and should become responsible leaders in the creation of a better society and a better world.

It is therefore imperative for responsible politicians, leaders, TV communicators and filmmakers to pave the path towards a "Culture of Peace", harmony, understanding, growth and creativity. Television and films should become effective and powerful educational tools instead of what they often are - destructive and pernicious crime models and vehicles.

Please send a postcard or letter to the Director and Sponsor of the violent films you watched, and write: "Sir - You have lost your money. Millions of people around the world, like me, are 'Turning Off Violence on TV!' If you want us to watch your films, present us with films that build and create, not films that destroy society! Thank you in advance."

Copyright (c) Ada Aharoni