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IFLAC Projects

The creation of the World PCTV (Peace, Culture, Television and Internet).
At the International Poetry Festival: "Poètes à Paris, 2009", a letter was sent to the the Director General of UNESCO, recommending the creation of the PCTV. The letter is signed by IFLAC, poets at the Festival and intellectuals, writers and poets from around the world.

The International TV by Satellite for Peace Culture (ISPC)
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We call on sponsors to help IFLAC create the above ISPC, and its first part of the project, the "SALAM-SHALOM TV for Peace Culture, by Internet and Satellite." The creation and airing of such a Peace Culture TV Channel will function as preventive medicine versus violence, conflicts and wars, and will provide the possibility of the building of Bridges of Understanding and cooperation among nations and people.

The Founder-President and General Director of the SALAM-SHALOM TV (STVP), is Prof. Ada Aharoni. Potential sponsors and donators should contact either Dr. Aharoni or Dr. Moore.

Turn Off Violence on TV

Peace Stories Festival - A Course on Peace Stories, and the training of Peace Story Tellers. The best Peace Story Tellers will be chosen to present their stories at the FIRST PEACE STORIES FESTIVAL in Haifa, in May 2008.

The Story Tellers meet once every two weeks, at the "Rose of the Carmel Club," 47 Shoshanat Ha Carmel Street, in Haifa, at 17.30 to 19.00. They present fascinating stories, with feedback from the audience. All are welcome to come and tell their stories or to come and listen and enjoy.

Before the Story Telling audience, Ada contributed with her story "Regina and the Turkish Prince," who in Ottoman ruled Egypt, at the end of the 19th century, wanted to marry her beautiful grandmother, Regina, and to place her in his Harem with his other 30 Moslem wives! She courageously escapes to her second cousin Victor, in Alexandria, whom she deeply loves, and they get married secretly...

Read the whole story about Regina and the Turkish Prince.

The Golden Book of the Jews of Egypt: My Own Second Exodus can pave the road to peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Out of the 100,000 Jews living in Egypt in the mid-twenties, only twenty old Jews are left there today, after their tragic uprooting. IFLAC is collecting the stories of "The Second Exodus of the Jews from Egypt," and will publish them in a "Golden Book" in 2012. These stories will help to promote peace between Jews and Arabs, and Israelis and Palestinians, as they will clearly show that the Palestinians were not the only victims of an uprooting during the Arab-Israeli Conflict.

The Jews from Egypt and from other Arab countries were a million when they were uprooted, whereas the Palestinians, who fled Israel at the same time, were according to UNRWA 650,000. The property of the Jews from Arab countries, who are today almost half the citizens of Israel, was hundreds of times more than the property of the Palestinians (according to the International Court at The Hague). Yet the Jews from Arab countries in Israel have not made any Intifada, and only want peace with their Palestinian neighbors.

When Palestinians read about the historical facts above, their reaction in general, is: "So you have already paid for the 'Sulha - Reconciliation' when you had to flee from Arab Countries in the mid-twentieth century and to leave all your property and assets behind! So please tell your story and tell it loud, as it saves our honor and that of our people. It clearly shows we are not the only victims of the Arab-Israeli Conflict!" The important narrative of the uprooting of the Jews from Egypt and from other Arab Countries can pave the road to peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

It is urgent to collect these dramatic oral-history narratives before their authors pass away and take their stories with them. UPDATE! This work is completed with the publication of The Golden Age of the Jews from Egypt Uprooting and Revival in Israel.

Copyright (c) Ada Aharoni