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Among the recent poetry collections by Ada Aharoni are You and I Can Change the World and Pomegranate: Love and Peace Poems. See the Books section for more info.

In her article The Power of the Poem and Peace Through Poetry, Ada says: "In every conflict there are two stories. The Poem of Peace has the wonderful ability to understand both sides, and to present both sides in all its reality, pain, hope and yearning for peace."

The two sides are beautifully and painfully depicted in This Cursed War and Remember Me Every Time the Moon Rises Over the Sphinx. These two poems were inspired by diaries found on fallen Israeli and Egyptian soldiers during the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

Sound icon Listen to Hungarian/Romanian IFLAC Director Tatomir Ion-Marius reading Ada's poems Cosmic Woman in Hungarian and Romanian, and Peace is a Woman and a Mother in Hungarian and Romanian. (English versions below.)

Peace Poems

Enjoy these poems selected from Ada's vast poetry production:

All poems below
Not in Your War Anymore
I Want to Kill You War
Arab Israeli Student on T.V.
To a Suicide Bomber
If a White Horse from Jerusalem
Peace Is a Woman and a Mother
Mothers You Know
A Bridge of Peace
Cosmic Woman
Myopic Scientist
A Green Week
Abdul's Children
Teddy Bears for Guns
This Cursed War
Remember Me Every Time the Moon Rises Over the Sphinx
On Yom Kippur (by Yehuda Amichai, translated by Ada Aharoni)
Seraph (by Shin Shalom, translated from Hebrew by Ada Aharoni)

Love Poems to Haim

These four poems are in memory of Haim Aharoni, Ada's husband, who passed away in 2006:

In Memoriam: To Haim - To Life
Our Beautiful New Home
What is Happiness?
We All Learned from You

CD: To Haim - To Life: Love Poems

This CD is dedicated to Ada's late husband, Haim Aharoni. Her four Love Poems in his memory are put to music by Robert Nissenson and are here sung in Hebrew. Ada then reads the poems both in Hebrew and English. The CD also contains other of her poems put to music by Yigal Alfassi and sung in Hebrew and English.

To order the CD, please send an email to Ada Aharoni.

CD: To Haim - To Life

Sound icon Two poems in memory of Haim:

Our Beautiful New Home (English)
Reading by Ada
What is Happiness? (Hebrew)
Sung by: Michal Tal

Sound icon Additonal two poems:

A Green Week (Hebrew)
Sung by: Anat Yagen
Why? (English)
Sung by: Revital Levanon


CD: Rare Flower

CD: Rare Flower

11 of Ada's poems put to music (Hebrew only).

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LIRIT - Israeli Poetry in English Translation (1999-2003), in conjunction with the Hebrew Writers' Association

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