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In Memoriam:
To Haim - To Life

Since you passed away, dear Haim,
My loving companion
For three quarters of my life
Your absence is at my side
Like a flowing river
That lost its silvery ripples
Lost its luster in the mist

I miss you so, my wise "Richelieu"
With your combination of ripples of
Gentleness, intelligence and firmness.
Your smile will not enter my room anymore
But it is in my heart forever like
A constant flowing river
Of ripe words clinging to my cells

You whispered on your deathbed:
"Now you will have to work doubly
On promoting the culture of peace
As I will not be here to help you..."
But you ARE here and helping me, my friend,
Your warm voice flows in me constantly -
You are still so much with me
My Haim - My Life.

My late husband Haim passed away on July 6, 2006.
Haim in Hebrew means "Life".

Our Beautiful New Home

I was a pale
ivory tower, surrounded
by white marble slabs
until you came
into my house and it became our home

You deftly climbed my hidden stairs
gently pushed open my secret windows,
alighting upon vaulted mosaic
my curves smoothly responded to
your precise angles

I offered you my heart as fireplace
my hands as gloves
to keep you warm,
my ears as vessels
for your words

Laying the lozenges of your life
on my hearth
you lit my fireplace
filled me with warmth,
lonely tower became cozy new home

I am glad you came to inhabit me
before our summer was spent,
before we both tumbled down
in the mighty tornado
of the infinite unknown

Though you have passed away my love
You still inhabit me
In our beautiful new home
On the top of the world
With the moon and the stars
And the dazzling flying comets.

What Is Happiness?

When you were alive dear Haim,
One bright golden day I asked you
"What Is Happiness"?
You promptly responded
With a bright twinkle in your eye
"Happiness is being married to your best friend!"
I laughed and hugged you my best friend.

Now that you have passed away my love
And we will not talk and laugh together anymore
I miss your kisses and warm hugs
I miss your caressing, gentle calm
With which you appeased all storms,
I admire your spirit that fights my sorrow,
That sings, "Be happy in spite of all -
For this is my legacy..."

We All Learned From You

During all your fruitful existence
like a blooming peach tree full of flowers,
we all learned from you, Haim -
from your love, your strength, your determination
to serve humanity, science, and peace,
we learned from your modesty, your lucidity
like a calm sea full of colored fish
of maverick brightness

You lived in full harmony with yourself
and with all who surrounded you,
you knew you were loved and cherished
and you loved us in return
sailing your brave scientific ship of life
with calm golden sunbeams
in your eager, bright eyes,
your compass full of twinkling stars of knowledge

Hundreds of loving friends
came to console us and they
said how much they learned from you
each one in his or her own way admired you,
and I expected the door to suddenly open
for you to come in to welcome all your friends -
I waited and waited like a sailor's wife on a shore
refusing to believe your ship was really wrecked -
but you did not swim back to me

Now I have to learn to live alone,
you are not here anymore
to read my poems, to nod your smile,
to teach me Arabic, or chemistry,
or how to stay calm in the overwhelming storm
and overcome the gigantic waves of loneliness...
Yet, I will not let them drown me, I hold your hand
and you lovingly lead me back to safe shores.

Copyright (c) Ada Aharoni