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The Power of the Poem and
Peace Through Poetry

The real profound difference between human beings is their Culture, and not their territory anymore, as people are very mobile in the 21st century. The Cultural Heritage, Language, Values, Norms, Traditions, Religion, Literature, Poetry, and their special Histories, are the real deep differences and barriers between nations and people.

In the case of people in long conflicts - like the Israelis and Palestinians - feelings of fear, mistrust and lack of understanding have been piling up in their hearts and minds over the years, on both sides. Only suitable vehicles that can reach and profoundly penetrate those layers of mistrust, suspicion and fear, can overcome those separating boundaries, and build bridges of trust and respect for each other's culture and each other's humanity. The best vehicle for this delicate operation is the magic and healing of the Poem, with its words of comprehension, feelings, care and tenderness.

The poem has the marvellous ability to delve deeply into one's consciousness and to create bridges of trust, understanding, respect and even love, between people, ethnic groups and nations.

"Peace Poetry", as I call this kind of healing poetry, can impart the important and crucial basic message and consciousness, that we all belong to one family, the family of humanity, and that war, violence and terror only lead to chaos, destruction, sorrow and deep pain and horrible misery on all sides.

In every conflict there are two stories. The Poem of Peace, has the wonderful ability to understand both sides, and to present both sides in all its reality, pain, hope and yearning for peace. It can thus lead to mutual recognition and reconciliation, and to the creative building of confidence, trust and love, that are so needed for the building of a world beyond war.

Copyright (c) Ada Aharoni