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Haim Aharoni

Haim Aharoni

Haim Aharoni passed away on July 6, 2006, in Haifa, after an open-heart surgery. He was an eminent Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Technion: The Israel Institute of Technology. He was born in Cairo, and was the Head of the Hashomer Hatzair in Egypt, and was one of the leaders who helped to organize the emigration of the Jews from Egypt.

He was known and revered in Egypt, Israel, and abroad, by all his family, friends and colleagues. He studied at the Cairo University, and then at the Technion, and he received his PH.D. in Chemistry at the London University, Imperial College, with flying merit. He published many important scientific articles in the most prestigious science journals. His professor, J. Tompkins, received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, for the work completed together with Haim.

Haim was happily married to Prof. Ada Aharoni, for 55 harmonious and creative years, and they have two children: Dr. Ariel Aharoni - Gynecologist, and Tali Winkler, Head of "Dorot College." At the recent World Congress of the Jews from Egypt, Haim functioned as the General Adviser for the Congress, for two years, and he was also the chief adviser of IFLAC, the International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace. Throughout his life he wholeheartedly dedicated himself to the promotion of the culture of peace in the Middle East.

He unfortunately passed away, just one day after the end of the WCJE congress. He was a wonderful, wise and noble man and a true lover of science and peace. We all deeply and sorrowfully miss him. May he rest in peace - Zichrono Le Bracha.

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