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Answer by Ada Aharoni to the
Deniers of the Holocaust

"MARKETING ASHES" by Hiri Manzour, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, 13 APR 01

To speak about "marketing ashes," is an abominable insult to the whole of humanity, and not only to the Jews. The whole of Mr. Manzour's article below reeks with the horrible odor of anti-Semitism.

I was recently in the Nazi Death Camp of Maidanek, and standing before the Mount of Ashes of the holocaust victims burnt there in the ovens, I was astounded by its height and voluminosity! One human being's ashes is only a small handful, and there at Maidanek, I was facing a whole Mount of Ashes, representing thousands and thousands of innocent burnt human beings and sacrificed human lives.

How can Mr. Manzour, and Al -Hayat Al-Jadida, publish such blatant and horrible lies? So many of my acquaintances have numbers on their arms, and unforgettable tragic experiences, where many have lost all their families in the Nazi Holocaust. This week, we had at IFLAC, the International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace, a Memorial of the Holocaust, at which twenty writers who had experienced this tragedy on their own flesh related their nightmarish and unspeakable experiences.

I myself, was not in the Holocaust, as I was born in Egypt, and was there during the Second World War, but as a historian, a scientist and a writer, I have researched the Holocaust for many years, and the authenticiy of the Holocaust, as the worst crime against humanity, is an undeniable fact.

I have related an episode I researched in Maidanek, where a young boy, succeeded to remain alive under the suffocating bodies piled over his head, in a mass grave, where thousands of Jews were shot by the Nazis. I researched his story, and it is authentic, and unfortunately, several people had the same fate. However, they are alive today to tell the atrocious story of the Holocaust. This episode and others are related in my books: FROM THE NILE TO THE JORDAN, and NOT IN VAIN (see Books).

I suggest, Mr. Manzour, you go to visit the Holocaust Museum in Bergen-Belsen, or the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, and I feel confident that if your heart is in the right place, you will never speak in this way again!

I was so glad when Mr. Arafat asked to visit the Holocaust Museum in Washington, and was so sorry when he was not allowed to do so. At least he visited the Anna Frank Museum, in Holland, and was so touched by it.

The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Pretending that Israel is conducting a Holocaust agains the Palestinians, is a revolting calumny.

Pretending that the Jewish Holocaust is an invention meant to justify the Zionist movement is a blatant and abominable lie.

As to linking the Holocaust to the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, as you do in your piece below, again it is another big lie. This is not the way to help your Palestinian brothers.

What should be done now, is to call on the conflicting sides to stop the violence and the shooting, at once, and to return to the negotiating table. The only way out of this uselessly elongated conflict is: NEGOTIATIONS, NEGOTIATIONS, NEGOTIATIONS. By making absurd claims of "marketing ashes," you only prolong the conflict and cause more useless bloodshed.

At the end, the sides will have to talk and compromise. With honesty, courage and humane feelings, we can help this happen.

Ada Aharoni


by Hiri Manzour, official Palestinian Authority daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, 13 APR 01

"The issue of the holocaust rises again. It defies disappearing over its half-century because the Zionist propaganda has converted it into a means to produce political and economic benefit, besides exploiting it for the advancement of occupation and settlement...

"A recently published book by an American researcher, discusses the holocaust. Employing scientific and chemical evidence, it proves that the figure of six million Jews cremated in the Nazi Auschwitz camps is a lie for propaganda, as the most spacious of the vaults in the camp could not have held even one percent of that number.

"Why, then, does this problem loom up again now, both for holocaust commemoration and denial? And who reaps practical benefit from raising the issue?

"By and large, the Zionist movement cannot tolerate inactivity in any facet of the holocaust profession, especially since intelligentsia from around the globe have begun addressing the corresponding holocaust, that is the one the Hebrew State is bringing upon the Palestinians.

"And so, the Jewish holocaust defenders themselves are on constant alert, apprehensive of the shift of attention from the fable of the holocaust to the specific, historic holocaust.

"Those who uphold the opposing view are, typically, Western academics who, by their own testimony, seek to free themselves from Jewish domination of their memory and continued extortion...

"Dr. Ramses Awd, an Arab writer, published an important book, not long ago, entitled "The Holocaust - Between Denial and Upholding", in which he reviews most of the theses that deal with the acts of massacre of the Jews in the Nazi period. But this book is not the final word. At the time of its publication the entire issue was raised anew, especially in the United States, the continent that was conquered, on all levels, nearly entirely, by Zionist media.

"It seems that there was a slump in the political sale of the Zionist product, and all the standard tools lost their ability to market it anew, while the world forgets the other side, that is the Palestinian holocaust, which still seeks museums of its own...

"The question now discussed in the halls of the universities and the renowned publishing houses in the world's capitols, is: has this hen reached its expiration date, which lays golden eggs for the Jews everywhere?

"And has history, now in the prime of its potency, clarified that the victims of the holocaust were themselves those who created it? Of course there are those who claim that the Jews actively participated in directing European feelings against them, according to the theory of resisting assimilation, assimilation being the essential enemy of Zionism...

"When Zionism cannot find an enemy to separate and repel the Jews, it invents such an enemy; and so was the case with the holocausts. Its need for it [holocaust] is imperative, even organic, required to fill its message with the drama needed to get it across. What is happening now is not just an activation of the holocaust and its revival from ashes, but its reproduction and international marketing.

"Unfortunately for the Zionist circles, the West itself has awoken from its half-century coma. And so the time has come for the European intellectual to declare himself historically mature and to liberate himself from the Jewish guardianship that entangled him in existential difficulties, and in a memory filled with guilt, on top of the collective guilty verdict applied evenly by Zionism upon the nations of Europe.

"Had it been the Arabs who had raised this thesis on the holocaust and its industry, and the accompanying additions and distortions, the topic would not have aroused the interest it has. The awakening came from the West, from the heart of the very house in which they say there were massacres.

"The Hebrew state is wary not only of scientific doubts being cast upon the holocaust, but also because they see this doubt as a portal to the denunciation of all the false Jewish claims...

"We are concerned that these dramatic cries regarding the holocaust, whether for or against, are intended to cover up the corresponding holocaust, that which Zionism is now producing with missile and tank, against the Arabs in Palestine.

The components of this new holocaust are nearly all finalized, and the world has started following it closely while re-examining the whole story that has lived more than fifty years, due to the media which carried it and was its missionary, and not due to its being 'historical'."

Copyright (c) Ada Aharoni