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Thea Wolf in Hebrew

An extended Hebrew version of Not in Vain: An Extraordinary Life, about Sister Thea Wolf, German Head Nurse at the Jewish hospital in Alexandria during World War 2.

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Carmel Publications, Jerusalem

Thea Wolf - la femme en blanc de l'hôpital d'Alexandrie

Thea Wolf - la femme en blanc de l'hôpital d'Alexandrie

This is the French version of Not in Vain: An Extraordinary Life, the story of Sister Thea Wolf, German Head Nurse at the Jewish hospital in Alexandria during World War 2. Through the hospital and aided by Egyptian officials, hundreds of European Jews found refuge.

In 2014, Ada Aharoni won the Prix du Témoignage for the French version, awarded by book publisher Le Manuscrit and The Huffington Post in France.

The book is available both as paperback and e-book.



Love and Peace poems in Hebrew. The title, Harimon, means Pomegranates. The book contains some poems translated from the English The Pomegranate, and also some new poems.

Published by Hadarim in Israel.

Rare Flower

Rare Flower - Life, Love and Peace Poems

Rare Flower is a collection of Ada Aharoni's 100+ best Life, Love and Peace Poems. The book is dedicated to the memory of her two departed "Rare Flowers": Talia, her daughter, who lost her 13 year long battle against cancer in 2011, and Haim, her husband, who passed away in 2006.

Short review: Rare Flowers, Bridges and Pomegranates

Tali, my Beautiful Rare Flower: - Ada reads a poem to Talia.

Rare Flower is available directly from the publisher, Dignity Press, and from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Parts of the book are published in Hebrew, under the title "Perah Nadir" - see below.

Perah Nadir - Rare Flower

Perah Nadir (Rare Flower)

This is the Hebrew version of parts of "Rare Flower" above. It is dedicated to Ada's departed daughter, Talia (1956-2011), after her brave struggle with cancer. The cover of the book shows Tali when she was a student working on her M.A. on "Social and Community Care and Development" in the Dept. of Social Work at Haifa University.

To order the book, send an email to Ada Aharoni. Price: NIS 50 or USD 10 - all benefits will go to the development of IFLAC: The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace. The book can also be bought at Steimatzki Bookshop and all other major bookshops in Israel.

UNESCO-EOLSS: Peace, Literature and Art

Peace, Literature and Art

Ebook edited by Ada for the UNESCO-EOLSS (Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems). It contains 30 articles chosen from all over the world, included 3 of Ada's own articles.

Among the topics: Peace Culture Required for Sustainable Global Development - Women in the Pursuit of Peace - Universal Obstacles to Peace Education - The Construction of a New Culture of Peace Through Literature and Art - IFLAC Paves the Way to Peace - Dignity: Cornerstone of the Culture of Peace - Using Peaceful Language: From Principles to Practices - Towards a Definition of Intercultural Dialogue.

The Voice of Peace in the Process of Education

The Voice of Peace in the Process of Education

This innovative book on Peace Education is edited by Sara Zamir and Ada Aharoni.

In its recommendation, IFLAC Literary and Educational Recommendation Committee says:

This book has been highly praised as an innovative voice in Peace Education. It establishes comprehensive and critical examination of the Peace Eduaction issues, dilemmas and visions concerning the process of peace education in Israel, as they appear today. It also demonstrates new implementations of the theoretical as well as the practical views of peace education. It is a book that should be used in all schools, colleges and universities, as well as by other institutions and forums around the world.

The book can be ordered from the publisher: Achva Academic College of Education, M.P.O. Shikmim, 79800 Israel, tel. 972-8-8588172.

WCJE Congress 2006

History and Culture of the Jews of Egypt in Modern Times

Published by the WCJE - The World Congress of the Jews from Egypt - and edited by Prof. Ada Aharoni, Prof. Aimee Pelletier, and Ms. Levana Zamir.

It is the Proceedings of the WCJE World Congress at Haifa University, in June 2006, and it contains 30 articles, by 30 world famous researchers, including the works of the three editors.

The book is in English, French, and Hebrew, with 544 pages, and includes beautiful historical pictures of a model multicultural society that is no more.

Review by Suzy Vidal - "We read about our ancestors and the dynamic society in which we evolved, all the infrastructures and social care 'avant la lettre'. Our schools, hospitals, inventiveness and spirit of enterprise passing from fathers to sons: all those marvellous Jewish names, entrepreneurs and men of conscience."

To order:

If you live in USA, the price of the book is *FIFTY US DOLLARS* freight included by registered airmail.

If you live in Europe, the price is *THIRTY FIVE EURO*, or *TWENTY FIVE STERLING POUNDS*.

Please send your cheque directly to the Publisher (you will receive the book a week after reception of your cheque):

P.O.B. 18260
Tel-Aviv 61182

If you need further information, please e-mail: Levana Zamir

You and I Can Change the World You and I Can Change the World

"These fine and moving poems shine with deep and challenging truths about life, relations between women and men, and above all, Ada Aharoni instills a vivid hope and vision of a Middle East and a world beyond war. Ada shrinks from no emotional, ethical or moral complexity. She is a marvellous poet!"
(Prof. Fawzi Deif, Cairo University)

Woman: Creating a World Beyond War Woman: Creating a World Beyond War

A powerful eye-opener as to women's power to abolish war and terror. At a time when the world is still caught up in the clutches of war, terror and violence, humankind should now "listen to women for a change." If the women of the world succeed to unite, they can powerfully throw the demonic belief that "wars and terror can solve conflicts," into the anachronistic dustbin of history where its belongs, and they will be able to gain their right to live and raise their children in peace in a world beyond war.

"Ada Aharoni is a major universal writer. Her new book on women creating a world beyond war and violence, is a celebration!" (New Waves)

Peace Flower Peace Flower

A story that will delight all, from the age of ten to a hundred and ten. It is an imaginative tale of fantastic adventures in space, to find the Peace Flower in the Future and bring it back to earth as it does not yet exist in our Present. Lee and Roni, two brave children, face the terrible nuclear giant Nuki, who tries to stop them from bringing peace to the earth. Through their courage and love for each other, they finally triumph. This original and hopeful book has been adopted by schools and colleges all over the world. It is available in English, Hebrew, and Arabic.

Not in Vain: An Extraordinary Life Not in Vain: An Extraordinary Life

Relates the remarkable story of Sister Thea Wolf, a German Jewish Nurse who came to work in the Jewish hospital in Alexandria, Egypt before the outbreak of World War 2. This not only saved her life but also thrust her a leading role of helping Jewish refugees who came to or through Egypt in their attempt to escape the horrors of the Holocaust.

Also available in Hebrew (The Woman in White: Memories from Alexandria) and French

Thea Wolf (born in 1907) passed away on the 14th of April, 2005, in Frankfurt on Maine, at the hospital where she studied to become a nurse.

From the Nile to the Jordan From the Nile to the Jordan

A compelling and colorful historical novel, which captures in detail the spirit, excitement and intrigue of mid-20th century Egypt and Israel. At the core of this stormy saga is Inbar Etty, the beautiful and talented daughter of respected judge Mosseri, member of Cairo's Jewish community. When the storm of tragic events in the Middle East in 1948 threatens to destroy her future and that of her lover, the Holocaust survivor Raoul Lipsky, she sets out in a passionate quest for roots, love, fulfilment, creativity, and a new home.

Du Nil au Jourdain French Edition: Du Nil au Jourdain

"Beautiful, heroic and fascinating! The book divulges a whole epic saga that is a part of history which is still quite unknown..." (A. B. Yehoshua)

Poems From Israel Poems From Israel

"This is a fascinating book, sensitive and moving, covering a wide range of subjects, and above all expressing a deep yearning for peace in the Middle East." (Harper's Weekly N.Y.)

Waves of Peace - Galim 8 Waves of Peace - Galim 8

A collection of articles, poems, and pictures to commemorate the murder of Yitzhak Rabin. It also contains some of Rabin's own speeches, as well as quotations.

New Waves Galim 2000 New Waves Galim 2000

"Peace Culture Anthology" in English and Hebrew, and some Arabic. It includes an interview with Nobel Laureate Saul Bellow, Paulo Coelho's "Statutes" for 2000, articles on the significance of peace by Albert Einstein, Kofi Annan, Shimon Peres, Prof. Chaim Aharoni, and many others. It also contains peace poetry by the best poets from 24 countries.

The Pomegranate: Love and Peace Poems The Pomegranate: Love and Peace Poems

Life is a Pomegranate / Full of juicy ruby grains
Taste them fully
/ One by one
Before / It is suddenly
No More.

Peace Poems: Shirei Shalom Peace Poems: Shirei Shalom

Peace Poems in Hebrew, Arabic, and English.


Copyright (c) Ada Aharoni