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PowerPoint Presentations


How To Help Create A World Beyond War Through Our Words - Writers have tremendous power - they have the power of the word, and well-chosen words can help to create a better world and a world beyond war. How can we do it?

Global Multiculturalism versus the "War of Cultures"
(Word format: 123 KB)

Education, the Arts and Telecommunications
(Word format: 76 KB)

The Necessity of a New Multicultural Peace Culture
(Word format: 118 KB)

Culture, Literature and Arts in the Service of Peace
(Word format: 170 KB)

Women in the Pursuit of Peace
(Word format: 157 KB)

Peace Culture, Literature And Media Required for Sustainable Global Development

Possibilities of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Resolution
- by Ada and Chaim Aharoni

The Forced Migration of Jews from Arab Countries and Peace
(PDF format: 118 KB)

Seeking Arab-Israeli Reconciliation Through Culture

Deniers of the Holocaust - Answer by Ada Aharoni to the deniers of the Holocaust

PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Presentation: Globalization for the Common Good

Presentation held at the "Globalisation for The Common Good" Conference in Istanbul, 2007 (size: 3 MB)

PowerPoint Presentation: The Necessity of a New Multicultural Peace Culture   PowerPoint Presentation: Peace Culture Through Poetry

Presentations held at the 36th International Sociology Conference, Beijing, 2004 (sizes: 1,4 MB and 0,1 MB)

PowerPoint Presentation: Conflict Resolution Through Culture

Presentation held at the IFLAC-Turkey Conference, October 2003 (size: 2 MB)

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