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Haim Aharoni (1927-2006)
Ada in the Media

About Ada Aharoni

Professor Ada Aharoni is a Sociologist and a Peace Culture Researcher, writer, poet and lecturer. She writes in English, Hebrew and French, and has published twenty-seven books to date that have been translated into several languages. She believes that multiculturalism, intercultural communication, peace literature and the media, can substantially help in healing the urgent ailments of our global village, such as war, conflict and famine, and promote equal status and opportunities for women and men. The themes of Multiculturalism, Peace, and Conflict Resolution, toward the sustainability of our fragile earth, are major ones in her creative and research works.

Saul Bellow and Ada

Ada studied at London University, where she received her M.Phil Degree on English Literature, and at the Hebrew University (Jerusalem), where she received her Ph.D. Degree on Saul Bellow's Introspective Fiction. (The picture to the right, showing Ada with Mr. Bellow, is taken at the First International Saul Bellow Congress at Haifa University in 1987. Ada organized and chaired the Congress.)

Ada went on teaching at Haifa University, and at the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion), in Haifa, as well as at the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, USA. She is the Founder-President of IFLAC: The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace. She has been awarded several international prizes and awards, including the British Council Award, and was elected one of the Hundred Global Heroines (Rochester, New York, 1998).

My Peacebuilding - Ada Aharoni was born in Cairo, Egypt. Surrounded by strong women, she early took an interest in peace, and in women power for peace. In this article, she tells about her journey as a peace builder.

Haim Aharoni (1927-2006)

Ada was married to her Haim for 55 years. He passed away in 2006, after an open-heart surgery.

Haim Aharoni

In Memorium - Professor Haim Aharoni (1927-2006)

Collage - in memory of Haim, made by his granddaughter Nitzan, for the one year memorial to his passing away

Four poems in memory of Haim - by Ada. These poems are put to music and are sung in Hebrew and read both in Hebrew and English on the CD To Haim - To Life: Love Poems.

Ada in the Media

Interview with Ada by Patrick Sammut, posted on his blog. Patrick: It seems that you believe in poetry with a message, not poetry for art's sake? Is that so and why? Ada: I appreciate poetry for art's sake too. However, I think that the world today is in great need of the consciousness, wisdom, and love of the poets. T.S. Eliot was right when he said that "Poets are the consciousness of the world!"

Interview by Doug Holder, Ibbetson Street Press, Boston

Interviews with Sister Space On-line Radio: Women Peace Poems and You and I Can Change the World

Interview with the Global Peace Network TV (picture below)

Ada on Global Peace Network TV

Article on Ada and the Lebanon crisis in the Boston Globe (2006)

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